March 2019 Update



2019 brings some significant changes to the Bronx Courthouse. First, we are delighted that Judge Doris Gonzalez has been named Administrative Judge of the Bronx County Courthouse. She is a fair minded jurist that brings a positive perspective.

In addition, Judge Briganti and Judge Higgitt are handling all motor vehicle cases from inception through Pre-Trial. As of February 1, 2019 all motor vehicle cases will be issued an automatic Preliminary Conference Case Scheduling Order. The order will be generated by the NYSEF within one week of filing an RJI. The Order provides that if any discovery dispute arises, the parties must contact Andre Butler, the Case Management Director, before making a motion and prior to any deadlines or risk possible sanctions. Also, take note that the summary judgment deadline on these motor vehicle cases is shortened to 60 days from the filing of the note of issue. Finally, the order will schedule the first compliance conference within 8 weeks that will be held at 2:00 pm. Subsequent status conferences will be held at 9:30 am at regular intervals until discovery is complete and the parties are permitted to file a note of issue.

Commencing on January 28, 2019, all discovery based and consolidation/joint trial motions pending before Judge Higgitt (Part MV-14) will be calendared for oral argument at 2pm on the Friday of the second week following the return date of the motion.  If at the time a motion is deemed fully submitted in the motion support office, a discovery conference is pending within 30 days after the return date of that motion, the motion will appear on the calendar on the same day as the conference. Please note that the motion support office will not accept stipulations to adjourn discovery motions for Judge Higgitt’s cases. 

Also, Judge McKeon and Jackie Stein have retired and Judge Silver is presiding over that part (19A & 19AF), with the intention of holding all conferences, motions and post-settlement conferences on Wednesdays until further notice.  Please be advised that in order to cover any discovery scheduling conference in that part we will need ALL information regarding any outstanding discovery as well as a BP and relevant case information.  In order to cover a Pre-trial Conference in that part, we will require a demand and settlement authority as well as any settlement negotiation history, a BP and ALL relevant case information and medicals in order to ensure that we can properly conference the case.  Further, the fee for any conference in this part is $150.

Please be advised that all Judge Capella is also scheduling Preliminary and Compliance conferences at 2:15 pm.  In addition, in the city part, on all cases, Judge Danziger will be scheduling the first status conference following a compliance conference on Mondays at 2pm.  Subsequent status conferences will remain at 9:30 on Mondays.

As a reminder, all Pre-trial Conferences in STP (Judge Gonzalez), MV-14 (Judge Higgitt), and MV-15 (Judge Briganti), are conferenced by the Judge.  Therefore, we MUST have sufficient information to competently and thoroughly conference the case.  This includes having a BP, police report (if applicable), medicals, brief summary of the case and settlement demand/authority prior to appearing.

In light of these recent changes, Camins & Hirsch is revising our fee schedule.  Effective March 2019, all morning appearances will be billed at $125.00.  All afternoon appearances will be billed at $135.00.  All foreclosure appearances will be billed at $175.

Lastly, Camins & Hirsch is proud to announce the launch of our new website.  Please check it out!   You will now be able to obtain coverage with us through our website at, as well as via email or telephone. 

These are only some of the change which are going to occur.  We expect there to be more and we will advise you of same as details become available.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  Thank you for your business and we look forward to many more years of providing excellent services.

-Leslie & Leslie

Jennifer Risi